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Our history

It all started in 1937

Let’s go back to the year 1937 when Marten Beekman founded our company. Accompanied by his horse and a cart he drove through the forests nearby Ugchelen (the Netherlands). At first to provide wood for the traders, but later also with his own messaging service. It took of when the first trucks arrived in the 50s. Beekman Transport kept on growing and became a highly recommended logistic partner. In the decades to follow multiple merges gave us the possibility to continue our growth.

Logistics & Warehousing

Late 80s Beekman Transport moved to Apeldoorn. We were one of the first Dutch transporters to open a national distribution network. Soon the storage of goods followed, which expanded rapidly. Then and now we are dedicated in finding the best and smartest solutions for our customers. That philosophy transformed us into the logistic service proved we are today. Always with our roots kept in mind.

In 1937 Marten Beekman started the transport company. Wood was transported from the forests to nearby traders by horse and cart.

Dump truck, old Bedford QL from the Second World War, was put into use.

Son Albert Beekman comes to strengthen his father.

First, real truck was put into use. These and several vehicles can still be admired in the reception hall of Beekman Transport.

Former commercial building (shed) on Bazemolenweg in Ugchelen

Expansion of fleet, and change of color from red to the current dark blue through takeover of own transport Houtum & Palm paper factory

Aerial photo of the business location at Bazemolenweg in Ugchelen

Vehicle fleet in 1985

Acquisition of business premises of the former transport center on Zwaansprengweg in Apeldoorn.

Start more extensive storage facilities on Deventerstraat and later on the former Zwitsal Factory on the Vlijtseweg.

Vehicle fleet in 1997

New-build high-bay warehouse at current location.

Renovation and occupation of the former Burgers Verpakkingen building.

Renovation and occupation of the former Favini building.

New construction workshop & car wash

Expansion of high-bay warehouse

Construction of new parking places & entrance, linking & enclosing business premises.

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